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We have helped countless victims through the Workers Compensation claims process, ensuring they receive the benefits they deserve.

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What to do if you are hurt on the job?

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Whenever an employee is involved in a worker's compensation claim, his employer and their worker's compensation insurance carrier will be represented by one or more attorney's. The worker's compensation law is according to many people involved in the system, more favorable to the employer. That is why you need an attorney to protect your rights through the entire claims process. Throughout my entire legal career, over 41 years, I have represented either insurance companies, injured workers, or attempted to help people settle their claims to their satisfaction.

The law can be very confusing at times. During your first consultation, I will explain to you your legal rights on Florida worker's compensation law, what you need to do to protect those rights and various terms used by the insurance adjusters, the worker's compensation medical providers, and the worker's compensation forms.

If I am not successful in getting you benefits above and beyond what the worker's compensation wanted to pay, then you will owe me no fee.

Attorney's fees are generally paid by the insurance, not by the injured workers.

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